Make Someone Smile Today with Smiles For All Occasions


Waking up to a yard display full of crazy yard signs on your special day is something to remember!  It makes not only the recipient smile, but everyone that drives by.  It doesn't matter if it is cows, happy faces, birthday candles, or bras yard signs, it will make their day.

Use a stork to announce to your friends and neighbors that your baby is finally home.  What a wonderful sight it is bringing your baby home from the hospital and seeing one of our wonderful baby or stork yard signs.

What is that???  A singing gorilla???  Who would expect a gorilla wearing a tutu or a bright yellow chicken walking in the office to sing on your birthday.  Singing Telegrams are gift that is NEVER forgotten.

Let us help you make that special person smile on this important occasion!

Smiles For All Occasions use an unforgettable way to help you smile.  Using a yard display or a singing telegram is our way of helping the world see a little bit of God's love by showing that someone cares and creating a ton of happiness for all those involved. It could be a birthday, anniversary, birth announcement, wedding, retirement, adoption, Valentine's, graduation; the list is endless.  Join in our fun and help make someone smile TODAY!!