Black Candles

Candles don't just belong on a birthday cake silly, they look awesome in the yard too!  Do you think they will get the message that they are getting older when they see black candles filling the yard?  Use them by themselves or mix them around with some of our other yard signs, either way they make the birthday special.

Black Candle Yard Sign Sayings:

And you thought you could hide your age!
So many candles so little cake
40 is old age of youth 50 is youth of old age


Thank you for the last minute display.  You are amazing.
R. Bader - Okc, Ok

Haha, I told her I wouldn't put candles on her cake this year so no one would know how old she I put them in the yard!!  You did a great job, thank you.
J. Benson - Okc, Ok

I went with the whole over the hill theme adding all of your black items. I don't think there was any yard left to cover!  Thank you, it was a big hit.
P. Cooney - Gutherie, Ok