Black Gorilla Singing Telegram

Not just a black gorilla, but a black gorilla singing telegram that wears a costume!  It is funny, work stopping and over all a really good time.  It doesn't matter what the occasion, birthday, anniversary, retirement, get well soon or what ever occasion you want to put a little pizzazz into.  Each singing telegram is going to be different depending on what you are requesting and what information you provide (a poem, a quiz, etc).  But to give an idea of what a typical singing telegram involves:  as soon as we spot the special person we start the first song to put them into that "what is happening" phase.  Then we teach them a simple 3 move dance, based on our costume to put them into the "you have got to be kidding me" phase.  We finish off by performing the dance with the honoree while we are singing our last song, putting them into the "thank the Lord it is almost over HAHA" phase.

Some Places We Have Celebrated At:



This was the funniest thing ever.  Thank you so much.
T. Lambsend - OKC, Ok

We couldn't believe he actually danced with the character.  He is such a business man in the office.  It was amazing!
W. Wilders - Warr Acres, Ok

We wanted to let you know that the person you sent to sing was so accomadating.  We even had to put him in a closest for a few moments HAHA.  Please tell him that he was great and we will be calling you again real soon.
N. Hightower - Edmond, Ok