Butterflies make people smile so why not use them as yard signs to bring a smile to a special day.  What girl/woman is special to you??? friend, sister, mother, daughter, grandmother or granddaugther, aunt, niece, teacher etc. show them how much you care.

Butterflies Yard Sign Example Sayings:

We flew in to wish you a happy birthday 
Butterfly Kisses on our anniversary
Our little butterfly is turning 1


These yard signs were the best!  People were knocking on her door to wish her a Happy Birthday.  It worked better than I could of hoped.
A. Perryman - Edmond, Ok

I just had to test you to let you know just how happy we are with your yard display.  We drove by first thing this morning to get a look at it.
J. Pape - Yukon, Ok

We use to TP houses when we were younger, but this is so much better.  Thank you for making my day.
H. Newberry - El Reno, Ok