The buzzards have landed!  These over the hill type buzzards are on a tombstone looking shape so you see tombstones from the house and buzzards from the street.  You get them coming and going.  Pair it with some large letters or just use our 6ft tall buzzard to announce your special loved ones birthday.

Buzzard Yard Sign Example Sayings:

Happy Birthday You Old Buzzard 
It's better to be over the hill than under it
From one old buzzard to another


That buzzard sign was taller than he was, it was great.  Thank you for coming even though it was snowing.
D. Ortega - Edmond, Ok

I couldn't believe we didn't see you, our dogs didn't even bark.  You really must be ninjas!
F. Nesbitt - Norman, Ok

It looked great in the yard.  Neighbors were coming over to chat all day, it was a nice change.
T. Spellman - Nichols Hills, Ok