Colorful Candles

Candles don't just belong on a birthday cake silly, they look awesome in the yard too!  Do you think they will get the message that they are getting older when they see colorful candles filling the yard?  Children love to count the candles to make sure we got the right number, but "big kids" don't want to know, haha.  Use them by themselves or mix them up with some of our other yard signs, either way they make the birthday special.

Colorful Candle Yard Sign Example Sayings:

Can you believe it's true, Nikki's 12 Woo Hoo 
Bada Boom Bada Bing Matthews doing the 22 thing
Light the candles Cut the cake Tom is 33 for goodness sake


My 7 year old went outside and counted her candles several times throughout the day.  Thank you for helping to make her day.
H. Sperry - Bethany, Ok

I couldn't believe we didn't see you, our dogs didn't even bark.  You really must be ninjas!
F. Nesbitt - Norman, Ok

It looked great in the yard.  Neighbors were coming over to chat all day, it was a nice change.
T. Spellman - Nichols Hills, Ok