Mooove over, here comes the cow yard signs.  These cute cows with a bright pink utter are fun to see in the yard.  You can celebrate many different occasions with these cute yard signs: birthdays, anniversaries, mothers day, new home, etc.  Use them by themselves or mix them with some of our other yard signs, either way they make the day special.

Cow Yard Sign Example Sayings:

Holy Cow Look Who's 44 now 
You are Utterly fantastic
Moos Flash we have a new neighbor in the herd


Those bright pink utters are so funny. Thank you for putting up those yard signs for us at the last minute.  We can't wait to use you again.
D. Trammel - Jones, Ok

The yard signs were so cute and perfect for our party.  I'm glad I got those big yellow letters they really stood out from down the street even.
F. Towns - Choctaw, Ok

Thank you again.  We are most likely going to make this a new yearly tradition for this holiday, the family had fun taking pictures with the yard display all day long.
G. Ragsdale - Edmond, Ok