Dorky Doris Telegram

She is definitely a nerd!  From the way she or he dresses to the way that they talk.   This singing telegram is funny, and comical for all that is in ear shot.  It doesn't matter what the reason is, birthday, anniversary, just to be funny, whatever occasion you want to put a little special laughter into.  Each singing telegram is going to be different depending on what you are requesting and what information you provide (a poem, a quiz, etc).  But to give an idea of what this typical singing telegram involves:  this one is usually more like a skit.  We come into the party or place of business with a problem (the bank teller wasn't nice yesterday, we saw the cars for the party but we don't seem to recognize anyone, or you are really excited about some important news and want to share it, etc)  We take a few minutes to play up on the skit then expose our real reason for being there (to celebrate).  Then we teach them a simple 3 move dance and sing while we perform.  Always a show stopper, she/he is so funny.

Some Places We Have Celebrated At:

Amusement Park 
Bowling Alley


He nerds voice was so obnoxious is was hilarious.   She couldn't of pulled it off any better than she did.
N. Talley - OKC, Ok

I forgot to tip your singing telegram person.  Please tell her I sent a check in the mail and we thought she was wonderful.
S. Macks - Edmond, Ok

We weren't sure if we could hold ourselves together while your nerd was doing her acting.  The birthday guy really thought she was making a complaint LOL, it was so funny.
C. Landers - Norman, Ok