Answers for the most common questions to Smiles For All Occasions:

What time do you set up the displays?
For a display to be seen when they wake up we start at 9pm the night before and work until all displays are delivered.  The storks and other baby announcements are normally done in the morning before noon.

How long do the displays stay up?
About 24 hours, we start taking them down at 8pm.  If you have a specific request for a party for instance, let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you.  If it is a stork we pick those up normally during the day, 72 or 120 hours after we set it up.

How much do the yard displays cost?
We have different packages and price is based on distance, but they start at $75.  Look here at our price page to explain in detail.

What form of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, check, money order, cashiers check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express. All returned checks will be charged $30.00 NSF fee.

When do I need to make a reservation?
To ensure the display of your choice is not booked, we highly recommend you to reserve your display as quickly as you can.

Can you deliver on the same day?
We try our best to accommodate you.  As long as we have a driver and the display you want we will help you.  We have even set up in the same hour as someone ordered.

Does the yard display hurt my lawn?
No, it will actually help aerate it.  Which is good for your lawn.

Can we mow the lawn while your signs are up?
NO, please don’t.  Lawn equipment, no matter how careful you are have been caused to damage our signs.  If you damage one of our signs you are responsible for paying for it.  See the policy page.

Do you deliver to a place of business or a school?
Yes we do, we recommend that you get permission from those in charge, just to make sure it is fine with them.  You can let them know, we will set it up before they open and take it down either when they close or when the recipient leaves for the day.

How will my recipient know who sent the Smiles For All Occasions yard display or singing telegram? 
You may reveal yourself as the surprise giver by including your name or list of names (nickname, company name, etc.) on the optional card that can be included with your yard signs or singing telegram. However, you may choose to remain completely anonymous — we’ll never tell!

How do I place my order?
You may place your order in one of two ways:

Will you do you do anything we request with the signing telegrams?
We have a fun CLEAN time with our singing telegrams.  Our goal is to make everyone smile and most of the time embarrass the special person of the day.  But we will NOT do anything that would degrade our singers (in other words, we will only do the things that we would do if we were performing for Jesus).  But boy do we have fun!