Pink flamingos is one of the most popular yard signs we set up.  We have 3-D and 2-D pink flamingos you can mix and match them together or mix them up with some of our other yard signs, either way they make the day much brighter.

Flamingo Yard Sign Example Sayings:

We flew in to wish you 
Bada Boom Bada Bing Matthews doing the 22 thing
We're tickled pink that


Pink Flamingos have been an inside joke for a long time between us and I finally got him good with 50 flamingos in their yard.
K. Novak - Del City, Ok

How can you go wrong with these yard signs you have everything I need for every occasion I have this year.  Thank you so much.
B.Chen - Deer Creek, Ok

It looked great in the yard.  Neighbors were coming over to chat all day, it was a nice change.
T. Spellman - Nichols Hills, Ok