Gold Crowns

Do you have a prince in your house?  Or how about a princess (that isn't quite into all the pink)?  Well, out gold crown yard display will be perfect for them.  Mix them up with some heart or happy faces and you have the makings of a great yard display to celebrate your loved one.

Gold Crowns Yard Sign Example Sayings:

Queen for a day 
Our princess is 7 today
If the crown fits wear it  Happy Mothers Day


Perfect signs to celebrate our non-pink princess.
I. Hanert - Deer Creek, Ok

I couldn't believe we didn't see you, our dogs didn't even bark.  You really must be ninjas!
F. Nesbitt - Norman, Ok

It looked great in the yard.  Neighbors were coming over to chat all day, it was a nice change.
T. Spellman - Nichols Hills, Ok