Graduation Hats

Graduation Hat yard signs, what screams graduation is here more than that? Proud of that special person?  Well scream it out in a yard display to let the world know. Use them by themselves or mix them with some of our other yard signs, either way they make the day special.

Graduation Hats Yard Sign Example Sayings:

Congratulations you did it 
She Made it
Class of 2015


This was perfect to celebrate our 5th grade graduation party on the last day of school.  Every school should do this, thank you.
W. Dansworth - Moore, Ok

This is amazing what you do.  My son was so excited that his graduation was announced to the town!
R. Robertson - Nichols Hills, Ok

We surprised him that he was accepted to OU with your yard display.  He was jumping all around the signs
P. Hinkle - Edmond, Ok