Men’s Underwear

Underwear?  Did you say there is Underwear in my yard?  People seem to be the most surprised at the bras or underwear display.  People will stop their cars most often to take pictures with these yard signs, so be ready for the attention they bring.

Underwear Yard Sign Example Sayings:

Age is like underwear it just creeps up on you 
Bada Boom Bada Bing Sara is doing the 40 thing
50 and still looking good


These yard signs were the best!  People were knocking on her door to wish her a Happy Birthday.  It worked better than I could of hoped.
A. Perryman - Edmond, Ok

I just had to just you to let you know just how happy we are with your yard display.  We drove by first thing this morning to get a look at it.
J. Pape - Yukon, Ok

We use to TP houses when we were younger, but this is so much better.  Thank you for making my day.
H. Newberry - El Reno, Ok