Over the Hill Happy Faces

What could be better happy face signs looking at you, well I guess over the hill happy faces!  Use them by themselves or mix them with some of our other yard signs, either way they make the birthday special.

Black Happy Faces Yard Sign Example Sayings:

We're grinning ear to ear cause you're older this year 
Bada Boom Bada Bing Laura is doing the 40 thing
We are smiling at you cause you are 2


This was such a fun gift to give.  Don't tell anyone but all of my family is getting this on their birthdays.
L. Blaire - Choctaw, Ok

Thanks so much for these great signs, it was spectacular.
W. Belkin - Warr Acres, Ok

The faces yard signs were so funny.  It worked perfect for our party.  Thank you.
K. Pogue - Gutherie, Ok