Is there someone turning a teen that you know?  These yard signs will tell that to the neighborhood.  They can be seen from way down the street.  Add a large sign or some of our large letters and these will really make their day. 

13's Yard Sign Example Sayings:

Happy 13th
Watch out teenager lives here
Honk and Scream Taryn's a teen


Wow you came in the pouring rain (you are my hero)  thanks for letting their birthdays be special.
B. Landers - Okc, Ok

He didn't want it to be a big deal, but I did so this yard display was just what I needed.  Thank you.
H. Dugger - Edmond, Ok

You could see these yard sign letters all the way to the end of our block.  Thank you.
T. Wardle - Gutherie, Ok