You may think tombstone are too much of the over the hill theme, but these are funny tombstones.  Each say something that will get people to stop and read each one.  You can see the writing from the street and the back of the tombstone from the house so you get them coming and going.  Pair it with some large letters or just use our 6ft tall tombstone to really announce your special loved ones birthday.

Tombstone Yard Sign Example Sayings:

You know you're old when... 
It's better to be over the hill than under it
From one old guy to another


That new large tombstone was great, thanks for finishing it before his birthday.
O. Esquire - Edmond, Ok

It's funny how our dogs didn't even bark.  And here I thought they would give you away!
N. Fiddler - Moore, Ok

It looked great in the yard.  Neighbors were coming over to chat all day, it was a nice change.
T. Spellman - Nichols Hills, Ok